Current Tenants

Use the information on this page to help guide you through out your tenancy with us.
Welcome tenants!  We hope you find the information on this page to be of use to you.  If you have a question for us many of the answers can be found throughout this page.  If the answer to your question is not found please use the link to your right to let us know of a problem or question you have. Using this form of contact will insure your question is answered in the fastest most efficient way.

Experiencing a problem?
  • If you are having a mechanical problem please use the box to the right. 
  • If your problem relates to a issue with another tenant please use the box located on the bottom of this page.
  • If your electricity and or gas has been turned off and the service is in your name please contact 1-800-572-1111.
  • If you have received a three day notice please contact us immediately at 607-323-1319 to help resolve this issue. 

Rent Payments

All rents are due on the first of the month.
Unless otherwise specified all payments should be made out and sent to:
Hayworth Management Company
7 Guernsey St. Suite 3
Norwich N.Y. 13815
After 3 days a late fee will be assessed and due at the time of the payment. 
If you are experiencing financial hardship contact us immediately to avoid unnecessary late fee's and penalties.
A drop off box will soon be in place at this address for your convenience.

Garbage Collection
  1. In most cases garbage collection has been provided for you, if you need to find your units pick up date please visit the tenant resource page and download the garbage removal form to find your date of pick up.
  2. Recycling is required at all units.  If a recycling bin has not been provided for you please use a plastic bag and sort your recyclables according to NYS regulations. Place recyclables near your trash on pick up day.
  3. Large Items, electronics, and other non daily wast products will not be picked up by your garbage collector. These items remain your responsibility to be disposed of properly. Please call the waste management facility for more information at 607-337-1815
  4. Please take time and care in your disposal of your garbage.  This will be not only appreciated by your trash collector but also the other tenants in your building.  Being irresponsible in this matter will not be tolerated.

Noise and common courtesy.

While we do not set quiet times in most cases throughout our managed properties you are expected to use care in your noise levels with TV's, stereos and other electronics.  A good general rule of thumb is if you can step out side of your apartment, close the door and still hear the noise clearly you are to loud.
Please understand that many people work different shifts through out the day.

Common Areas
  • Common areas are expected to be clear and free of all personal belongings.  This holds true for shared porches, hallways, and stairways.  
  • While most common areas will be cleaned and maintained by the management your help in keeping these areas safe, clean, and in good care is not only appreciated but expected.
  • Common areas shall not be used for placing bikes, children's play areas, footwear storage or anything alike.
  • If your building has a offered laundry facility please visit the tenant resource page to download important information regarding the usage of these facilities. 

Need Immediate Help?
If you are experiencing a problem Click Here to insure your situation is handled appropriately and in a timely manor.  

Visit the tenant resource page
for more information

Your referrals are always appreciated.  If you have friends and or family members looking for  quality rentals please have them contact us.  If we do not have a unit that will fit their needs today we may still be able to help.

Thinking of buying a home?
Contact Adam or visit his web page to learn the important steps in purchasing a home.

Looking to upgrade or need a larger apartment?  Let us know.  We have many resources in finding the best rentals our area has to offer.