The Hayworth Management Co. Philosophy:
  • Retain high caliber tenants for our Clientel. This single point is paramount.
  • Offer our residents the finest in apartment living with excellent comfort, value, convenience and service.
  • Surpass the expectations of our clients by increasing the value of their real-estate assets through professional property development and management.

The Hayworth Holding Company was founded in 2006 with the mission to establish quality rental properties with superior management.  This single idea has helped shape the company’s day-to-day operations throughout the past few years.  The Company has successfully rehabilitated multiple units throughout the Norwich area; taking average apartments and transforming them into profitable, upscale & high demand living environments.  The win/win arrangement of improving property cash flow while filling customer demand for quality living arrangements has become the company’s forte.

In 2007 The Hayworth Holding Company responded to a request from the Mayor of Norwich to alleviate some of the issues that multiple absentee owners were having with their local investments.  Our company responded with the formation of the Hayworth Management Company.  A separate entity working with owners to make their properties more productive.  Several problematic tenants were vacated, and units were cost effectively rehabilitated to accommodate the demand for higher end rentals in our area.  Each of these investment properties are now operating profitably and what was once considered a liability by owners, local authorities and neighborhoods, have since become valuable assets. 

Hayworth Management Company is a full service property management company serving our own investments along with those of our clients.  Our aim is to alleviate the common issues of both tenant and investor in the rental market.  Tenants shall receive all the quiet enjoyment they would like, while investors shall receive the positive results they expect from their investments.
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